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Can I use different syslog files in Netsight

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Hello all,

is there a way to show syslog messages from switch A in one syslog tab and syslog messages from switch B in another syslog tab (maybe with the use of two differen syslogfiles)?

A distinguishing criterion should be the sender ip address or the facility.

Hint the two switches are only examples for different network devices.

Normally rsyslog offers the ability to use different facilities (or search strings) to do this. But I do not know how to realize this with Netsight.


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Hi, take a look into this post... it's not exactly what you are looking for but I think it's the right place to tune the system....

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Thanks for the hint Ron. I hoped to cope the problem without the rsysloc.conf and I would just to have to press some buttons.

Sometimes what I did in Linux vanished after an update. 😞