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Cannot log on to Identity engine dashboard, via console is working fine.

  • 6 February 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi team,
Logging on to the identity engine is not working anymore.
I get the message : Access not allowed
Allthough I know that I 'm using the right password of the 'admin' user to log on to.
With that same password it's working in the console.
I also do know that I type it well there is a show button near the field to type the password.

What happened here ?
Thanks in advance.

2 replies

Userlevel 7
Hi Sacha,

do you mean access to the NAC via web interface ?!
Could you provide a screenshot.

And with console you mean ssh access to the NAC or XMC console ?!

No, sorry I am talking about: Avaya Identity Engine, it does the same as NAC.