Did NAC Assessment Agent-Based test support ios and Android OS?

Our customer need a function, when user use pad or smart phone connect to wifi and did not install some apps on the pad or smart phone, the want to redirect the web to and tell user to download apps, then they can access the network.

I think to use NAC agent-based assessment function, when user connect to wifi and download the agent then detect the pad and smart phone, if it didn't install apps, redirect to apple store or google play to download apps.

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Hi Shuo,

we do not support assessment agents for mobile devices. In order to get that level of detail from mobile devices (installed apps, etc.) you will need to combine NAC with MDM solution. We do have various integrations with MDM vendors like AirWatch, MobileIron, JAMF and we'll be even adding more this summer.

Hi Kurt, does NAC work with Google MDM?

Thanks in advance,