Extremasys HiPath / Identifi C5210 Controller OID's for VNS traffic

I am trying to collect trending statistics from our C5210 controllers for current traffic by VNS.

OneView will report the current VNS traffic or up to 24 days. I would like to query the current numbers and graph indepenently from the system.

Any Ideas or resources available?


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You could start by taking a look at what the OneView system is polling. Look under OneView-Administration->Diagnostics change the 'Level:Basic' to 'Level:Diagnostics'. In the left-hand pane select Historical Statistic Collector->Statistics / Statistic Collection Targets.

That's going to give you a good idea as to what OIDs are being polled. You'll end up (depending on what you're actually trying to trend) in and

If you're going to use Cacti you can probably find some templates floating around.