Extreme Networks is the official Wi-Fi Analytic provider to the NFL and Super Bowl XLVIII !

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This is very exciting new for Extreme Networks and our customers. Here are some key facts about the partnership:

  • Extreme Networks intelligent Wi-Fi analytics technology is currently deployed to monitor and measure fan experience at the following teams' stadiums: Detroit Lions; Philadelphia Eagles; New England Patriots; and New York Giants/New York Jets .
  • The implementation of Extreme Networks Wi-Fi analytics technology provides unprecedented near real-time visibility into what fans expect from their in-stadium experience, enabling each team to more easily deploy new applications and services to better the experience.
  • The decision to deploy Extreme Networks Wi-Fi analytics technology is part of the NFL's overall plan to improve the stadium experience through guidelines established by the League for Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Extreme Networks Wi-Fi analytics technology enhances the management of Wi-Fi systems, allowing teams to better spend time and resources on delivering fans the interactive event they desire.
Our experts are here to answer your questions about this groundbreaking agreement and what this means for our customers. Please ask your questions in our community!

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