G Series DHCP IP Reservation for mac addres

Hi all, I have a switch G-Seires with DHCP server enabled,and asked me to add 60 address reserved by MAC addresses, but on reaching 16 not let me add more, as I can reserve more than 16 IP to MAC addresses.

I add the addresses of this form
set dhcp pool manual02
set dhcp pool manual02 lease infinite
set dhcp pool manual02 client-name Juan_Perez1
set dhcp pool manual02 client-identifier 01:09:ef:ed:a1:4e:a6
set dhcp pool manual02 host

set dhcp pool manual03
set dhcp pool manual03 lease infinite
set dhcp pool manual03 client-name Juan_Perz2
set dhcp pool manual03 client-identifier 01:d8:b1:32:81:8f:3fb
set dhcp pool manual03 host


thank you for your help

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