How to fabric reset to an "ap 3610"

In my company an ap model 3610 will be used, the equipment was configured in the past but no one have the configuration details, so i will need to reset to fabric.I already tried, to reset the AP by pushing the reset button for more than 30 secs and then trying to connecto to the device vía web with no success.

Bellow you can find the steps i followed.

2. All of the initial setup is done via a web interface. Connect a ‘Cross-Over’ Ethernet cable directly from the Management Port of the controller to a PC’s Ethernet port.
3. Log onto the controller by opening a web browser and connect to The default username is ‘admin’; the default password is
4. Do this step only if it is necessary to reset the controller back to its factory default
configuration. Browse to Wireless Controller Configuration and select System
Maintenance screen. Select Reset database to factory default and reboot and click Apply.
This will reset the database and cause the controller to reboot. It will take three to
four minutes before the controller is finished.

I also tried to connecto to the Ap via serial, also through the switch with the ip apparently assigned in the past (obtained with wireshark and port mirroring) and i do not have chance to get access to the AP.

Anyone can share me the detailed process or how to make a fabric reset on the AP that apparently is not completing the action.

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Hello Jose,

you took the wrong documentation. The procedure you described above is for Wireless LAN Controller, not for for your AP.
The WS-AP3610 is not intended to work without a controller connection.

I think the reset of your AP was successful. But since the WS-AP3610 is a controller-based one it has no integrated web server.

Now you can connect it to a controller again. The AP will reboot every few minutes until it finds a controller.

Kind regrads,
Is there any way to work alone, this model of AP?

I highly appreciate your comments

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Unfortunately the AP3610 only work together with an controller so you can't use them as standalone AP.
The model for standalone mode is the AP3630 and AP3640.
A tutorial that can help you in this case is the following: