How to Hide IP Address of the Switch in Ridgeline 3.1 Topology Map...

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We are using Ridgeline 3.1 for our Network Management. We have planned to Visualize our Network Topology Map. So, We have tried to login the Ridgeline Server Remotely(http://nms:8080) using the "user" account.

But, By using "user" account also, The Topology Map showing the IP Address of the Switches and Ports they are connected. We don't want to display these information to outsiders.

How to hide these information in Topology Map.

Please check the attachment for your reference.

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Yes, there is an option to disable the IP address from being displayed in the map. To configure, select 'Properties' under 'Map' on the toolbar. Select 'Do not show' as shown in the following screenshot, and then save the changes. The map will have to be refreshed.