Installing both Ridgeline and NetSight on Same PC

I installed Ridgeline 4.0 with SP2 and worked fine on my Laptop. I used port http://my-pc:9090.
then I installed Netsight on the same Laptop and accepted the default setting (assuming port 8080). When Netsight installation was done and tryied (http://my-pc:8080) nothing came.
when trying Netsight Server Manager , I got error ( Unable to find Java Runtime. Application shutting down)
I am using Win 7 Professional 64-bit and installed Netsight for Win -64-bit using 3 months Evaluation License

any recommendation ?


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You have to start the "Application Services" and after a few minutes the services should be all running, check it with the red mouse button over the icon in symbols. I am sure that your Netsight Server (and therefor also the http service is not started).

But please hold in mind that on a single PC only ONE service can run at the same time (tftp, syslog-service and trap service) and only ONE application will get the syslog's and traps.
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I think a netstat may show some port conflicts, and here is a method to alter the ports in Netsight.
Please use the following Knowledgebase article for guidance on switching over the default ports for Netsight.

Although I am not certain that the Java error is related to that. Please run through article and verify.