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MIB not suppoted, how can i add it?

  • 25 June 2019
  • 1 reply

Hi all,

i'm working on an app that uses SNMP for topology discovery.

one of the devices on my network is an SLX9140 running SLX-OS 17r.1.01a , and it does not support the following OIDs that are needed

PTOPO-MIB (ietf rfc2922)
ipRouteTable (ietf rfc1213)

my question is

is it possible to add support for non default MIBs, if yes how to do it ?


1 reply

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What app are you using? is it XMC?
Almost all SNMP systems allow you to add MIBs, but many MIBs have multiple dependencies, so you will need to install all the MIBs that your MIB is dependent on. So check the IMPORTS section of the MIB and ensure that you either have all the MIBs there or that they are already somewhere in your path.

As you don't specify in your post what system you are using I will use Net-SNMP as an example. there are some MIB directories that are there by default.
Thus your custom (third-party) MIBs should be placed in either $HOME/.snmp/mibs or a directory that you then specify on the command line with -M or -m.