NAC & Wireless Controller Support IPv6?


Our Customer has the pure IPv6 network environment. they install the NAC, NetSight, Wireless Controller v9, B5G124-24P. They has DHCPv6 server, they want to need the function as below:
1. Wireless Controller, Access Point, Switch, NAC can be management by NetSight.
2. End devices status, end devices IP Address(IPv6), user name...etc can be see on the OneView.
3. Each IT management guys can management self Switch, WC, AP.
4. they has 256 IT management peoples, Can support 256 management guys on the one netsight server?

How to do can finish the users requirement?

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Hi Shuo! I am going to get one of our wireless experts to answer this for you. Thank you!
Wireless controller can be manager via IPv6. However, AP and AP-WirelessController communication need IPv4.
On dataplane side, we support clients using IPv6 in B@AP topology. In addition, you can configure the policy so that you can separate IPv4 and IPv6 datapaths for client devices. This feature has been used by many of our customers.