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Netsight doesn't generate alarm after syslog event

  • 9 November 2017
  • 4 replies

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I have Netsight ( I created an alarm that is activated by a syslog event.

This event is a Login failure at a switch. The syslog event is received in Netsight but there is no alarm generated.

It worked before but for some reason it stopped.

How to solve this?

4 replies

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I'd restart EMC.... just in case.

I'm running the same version with the same event and mine is working.
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Just restart EMC....no luck
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1) so you'd see the message in the syslog section...

2) is the alarm enabled
3) is alarm suppression disabled (in the alarm actions)
4) change the rule to "match any" instead of "match all" in the section for the information text that you trigger for

If that doens't work I'd remove the alarm and generate a new one.
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just want to recreate the alarm, but I see that the alarm is working again ??!?!