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OneView maps building links between non Extreme devices

  • 9 December 2015
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Is it possible to have OneView build links between non Extreme devices? I have a bunch of Transition Networks switches in my network and I would like to populate the links between them. OneView builds the link from the Extreme switch to the first Transition switch but won't build the links after that.

Thanks !

11 replies

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Did you ensure that LLDP is enabled and running correctly on those switches? have you configured SNMP traps? Oneview pulls information from the LLDP MIB tables and from LLDP traps. You are probably getting the link from the Extreme switch because we get the information from that and can draw one link, but since the other devices either are not sending/do not have the right MIBs, we cannot pull that information and draw additional links.
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Yes, LLDP is enabled. The Extreme switches show the LLDP neighbor information for the Transition switch directly attached to it and the Transition switches show the the neighbor information between themselves. I also enabled SNMP Traps to the NetSight server but the links are still not populating. How would I go about checking the MIBs?

Thanks for the help!
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You can use MIBTools that is part of Netsight Console. I can't remember the exact name of the MIB, but you can type in "lldp" in the MIB tree search to find the correct MIB. you would then press get and see if that MIB returns information for that MIB. You also need to make sure that the LLDP Chassis ID and Base MAC are the same. This is how the maps correlates switches.
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I searched for the lldp mib and when I query it, it returns all the info I would expect. When I check the chassis id and the base mac the Transition switches match but the Extreme switches don't. It looks like the the chassis id is the SN of the switch on the Extreme switches.

Upon further looking I have discovered under Network Details>Links it shows the links between devices. It registers the A port whether it is a Transition or Extreme switch but it will not register the B port on the Transition switches, it's just blank. Hope this helps.

How can it register port A on Switch 2 but not register port B on Switch 1? It shows in the Link Details they are connected but Switch 1 doesn't show the port B #.

Thanks for the help!
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LLDP will report both sides of the link on the Extreme Switch. Therefore it would get port A on switch 1 from the Extreme switch. This is entirely consistent with not being able to pull info from the Transition switches.

It looks like this might be SNMP issues with the transition switches, as it is apparently polling something and not being able to line up the correct values. I believe it works by using the LLDP MIBs as well as the spanning tree bridge MIBs to line up the correct switches based upon the base MAC.

Can you confirm the version on Netsight you are using? in the DeviceView can you see the neighbors on the Transition Switches? just to see if ANYTHING pulls up.

If the answer remains no, you may want to reach out to your GTAC channel to do a debug to determine why these values are not lining or even showing up. Do the Transition switches require a SNMP context? Unfortunately I am not familiar with Transition devices to further debug this without getting my hands on the devices.
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In the DeviceView it shows the link to the Extreme switch and shows IP and Port #. The link to the other Transition switch shows IP but no Port #.

I am running version
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So it seems as if it cannot draw the link because it cannot figure out which ports to connect. Is there any configuration on the Transition switches for information in LLDP? can you see the port on CLI in the Transition switches? Transition might not be publishing that info in the MIB, it might not know it, or it might be putting it in the wrong MIB. Thats whats needed to verify it. You might need to disable LLDP and try to see if OneView can discover the links with STP.
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The Transitions switches really offer nothing in configuration of LLDP. I have two models of the Transitions and one only allows you to enable or disable LLDP and shows no neighbor information at all. These will not even make the link to the Extreme switch.

The other Transitions switch shows the neighbors and allows you to enable or disable LLDP but this one will create the link to the Extreme switch.

I think I might just be out of luck on this, I wish I could get the links populated though.
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As I said, you can try disabling LLDP and see if we will populate the links via the STP Bridge MIBs.... is spanning tree enabled on the Transition switches or in your environment?

This will work without LLDP, however I am not sure how to force it to make it use another method, or if they work simultaneously. try using MIBtools to pull the bridge MIBs or some flexviews and see if you can manually line up some MAC addresses. if you can, maybe it is time to get GTAC involved to figure out why OneView is not using the STP information.
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I don't have STP enabled on my network. I do appreciate all your help with this. If I can't get it figured out I will call and open a case.

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What do you use for loop protection if not STP? I'm worried about what else will be affected if you enable STP on those switches. If you think you can enable it on your network without disrupting anything, that would be the approach I would take to see if OneView can populate the links off the bridge tables. But you might want to do this in a maintenance window (like when everyone is home for the holidays 🙂 You may want to open a case so they can figure out other alternatives to populate those links, and see what we can pull on the Transition switches. Sorry, but a forum debug can only go so far.