OneView, whats the difference between basic and full versions?

  • 13 July 2016
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I currently have NMS-Base-XX and I am looking into what features the other licenses give me that Base doesn't and one of them is a full OneView interface, what does this version have the basic doesn't?

4 replies

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Here a link to the KB article...
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Thanks for the link, it states that OneViewTM Basic includes (device management, alarm management and administration) but what does the full version give you that's more than this or am I just not understanding it correctly?
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It's hard to describe... basic in my opinion is a waste of money 🙂 go at least for advanced.

Advanced enables historic data collection and report generation - so you'd see in much more detail what is going on in the network and not only what is going on right now but also yesterday/months before.
That gives you much better troubleshooting tools and you'd also plan for the future if you run i.e. a report for bandwidth on the uplink for the last 6 month.

You'd request a demo via
I hope I'm right but that should be an remote demo with an Extreme expert.
In this 30minutes demo you should get an very good overview of the product and how it could make your job of managing the network much easier.
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That's what I was looking for, thanks for the detail. I would like to have the historic data and now it makes sense why I can't find it to enable it, I need the license. I am going to talk to my local Extreme Engineer to have them walk me through it. Thanks for the help!