Pureview with Q-in-Q

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We are looking at deploying Pureview at an ISP.
They would like to Analyse the client traffic in a Q-in-Q tunnel with Pureview. Can the Coreflow 2, S series switch analyse traffic in a Q-in-Q tunnel

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Bumping this question, so we can hopefully receive an answer from Tyler Marcotte or someone with similar knowledge?
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I don't believe it will given the purview mirror to the appliance would still have the S-Tag in the header. I will check with the NMS group and confirm..
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Like I expected, purview does not account for the Q-in-Q and therefore the mirror would still have the S or C tag on the packet. So the answer is no it cannot do it today.
You could maybe unwrap the Q-in-Q on the appliance, but I think it would need a more recent Linux version.