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RADIUS Authentication Through NPS For B and C Series Extreme Switches

  • 29 January 2019
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I'd like to setup RADIUS authentication through our NPS server for our B and C series switches. I have the configuration complete, on the switches. My issue is on the NPS server(specifically with the filter-ID). I see the request being passed to the NPS server, so I know that part is working. For the write-up, to configure the Extreme switches, at the very bottom it states:

"Additional notesThe policy on the RADIUS server must be configured to send back a filter-ID with the accept packet. See below for syntax and options.
Filter ID:
access-mgmtTypes supported are: ro (read-only), rw (read-write), and su (super-user)."

Can someone explain this part to me? I think this is where i'm falling short....


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