RFS4000 WITH AP7632

  • 26 March 2019
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Everyone, all right? I'm new here. I have never worked with Extreme products. Sorry if I say anything silly, the company where I work bought and installed the RFS4000 Product with the AP7632, everyone is up to date. The problem is that Motorola Collectors and computers connecting from the network are very slow to navigate. Our ISP is very good speed 500mega download and 250mega upload. However when connected are no more than 20mega download and 8mega upload.

Please help me solve this problem.

3 replies

I think it's some QOS setup that might be limiting the connection, could any one help me?
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Hey leetrix,

You mean you got slow wireless speed, eh?
You might post your running config from RFS but first you should review your wireless design - channels, channel widths, powers, interferences, obstacles, client count, number of SSIDs, minimum basic rate... The issue might be there.
Have a look here as well:

Hope that helps,