Suddenly I am not able to login into netsight via the web. I can still access it via ssh.

  • 19 July 2017
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I cannot login via the web browser. I get invalid user name and password. However, I still am able to get in via the ssh. Any way to reset password for the web portal in ssh?

4 replies

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Do you know how you set up the user authentication configurations in NetSight?

If you have it set up for LDAP, make sure your user account is not locked, or there is no problem with the LDAP services on AD.

You can also try to login with the root credentials. If you had configured the NetSight to fail back to OS credentials you might be able to get in that way.

If not you'll need to go into the mysql DB and enable fall back to OS.

Here's an article that will help with that:

it was set up for me and was just using root
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Use that above article to get into the mysql database and get the output of the "select * from nsproperties;" command.

Also, anything in the /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata/logs/server.log that doesn't look normal?

Thank you! it was set to Radius. Not sure how we don't have radius servers.

Thanks again!