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There are any plans to have Virtual Appliances on other platforms?

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There are any plans to make Enterasys Virtual Appliances (NMS, NAC and V2110) on other platforms than VMWare?

Hyper-V or Citrix would be nice, because we have customers using it.

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Hi Leonardo, I have asked product marketing/management to jump in to give you an update on this. If there isn't a plan at this time, is this a feature you would like to see if future updates? If so, I will change this question to an idea so we can track the progress. Thank you!
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Hi Tamera. It would be great, because I have customers running other virtualization platforms than VMWare. I saw a WAS V-appliance for Hyper-V, and it would be AWESOME (and very nteresting commercially) to have V2110, NMS and NAC too. Thanks!
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I also have several customers with this need. Especially Hyper-V is often asked.
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Yes, we are aware of the need to support the V2110 in MS Hyper-V. It is under consideration for a future release.

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I also wanted to add that I have run into multiple customers who are also requesting to use Hyper-V as the virtualization platform for Netsight, NAC, and wireless virtual appliances. So far it looks like the only virtual appliance supported is WAS.

Is there a different or better channel we can have customers request this to get it pushed up on the feature list importance?

Thank you