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VSP - unable send traps to XMC SNMPv3

  • 6 June 2019
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Hi team,

I´m unable recive traps in the XMC server form VSPs, and in the VSP logs I can see:

SNMP ERROR Failed to create trap (Reason=Failed to create v3 trap) for host A.B.C.D:162

Any idea?



1 reply

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in some versions of VSP commands must be entered in following order.

Here are CLI commands:
VOSS02:1(config)#snmp-server authentication-trap enable
VOSS02:1(config)#snmp-server contact MasterOfUniverse
VOSS02:1(config)#snmp-server force-iphdr-sender enable
VOSS02:1(config)#snmp-server location MiddleOfTheWorld
VOSS02:1(config)#snmp-server group "RWgroup" "" auth-priv read-view root write-view root notify-view root
VOSS02:1(config)#snmp-server user snmpuser group RWgroup md5 snmpauthcred des snmpprivcred

VOSS02:1(config)#snmp-server sender-ip
VOSS02:1(config)#snmp-server user engine-id 0x80:00:1f:88:80:cb:4b:36:51:8f:1b🇧🇦5a snmpuser md5 snmpauthcred des snmpprivcred
VOSS02:1(config)#snmp-server host v3 authpriv snmpuser inform

0x80:00:1f:88:80:cb:4b:36:51:8f:1b🇧🇦5a = SNMP engine ID of the XMC = IP address of the XMC = IP address of the VSP

While the snmpuser is used with the same credentials for both SNMP queries and for SNMP informs. Both with authpriv.