Wireless appliance scheduled backups fail silently.

I recently updated to NetSight A few weeks later I had to recover a virtual wireless appliance V2110 from scratch. No big deal, as I have a scheduled weekly backup of the configuration that automatically gets copied via SCP from the V2110 to the NetSight Backup directory "/usr/local/Enterasys_Networks/NetSight/backup/V2110/" on my Netsight Server. Out of common sense I do not use the Netsight's root user for the SCP upload.

Unfortunately the write permissions for this directory had been reset to root only upon updating Netsight Suite. So the V2110 was not able to put its backup in place for weeks. Luckily there had not been any major configuration changes since the last successful backup.

But what really bothers me with this is that the V2110 did not log anything about not being able to complete the scheduled backups. Even when I tried to upload backups manually through the web gui in "Wireless Controller -> SW Maintenance -> Backup" it would always say "SCP Upload completed" when it was clearly NOT - due to missing write permission for the provided user ID.

If a better error handling for the backup upload process and a log entry for failed backups could be implemented, that would be much appreciated.

Furthermore the NetSight installer's behavior could be changed so that it rather checks for missing permissions (and adds them if needed) in the backup directory instead of stubbornly resetting everything to root only when updating.

Thanks for considering.

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