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XMC Alarm Mail Delay Config

  • 18 July 2019
  • 5 replies

Hi All,

I have alarm config on xmc, it's emailing me when device down and all working fine.
There are a lot of locations in the company and there can be electricity issues in short-term, approx 5 mins.
I don't want to get email in this 5 minutes, I just want it to wait for 5 minute and if still in down state then email me.

I want to know if I have an option in xmc like " email me when device down after 5 minutes" like delay email action. Because in five minutes the device comes up generally.

Thanks for your help

5 replies

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Workflow can help with that. something similar to Aggregated report Device Down
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Can the Aggregated report Device down workflow only be used with the Device Down alert?

I like the idea of this workflow a lot but would like to use it in any alert like ,link down or AP down alerts as well.

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Yes the counter is based on workflow name.

you can copy the workflow and assign the workflow to different alarm.

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Ok great.

I attached the workflow to the Link Up and Link down Alerts but I’m not getting an email.

The workflow dashboard shows that the workflow completed and I  know email settings are properly configured

Not sure what the issue is.

This is what i see in the workflow output:

Script Name: Aggregated report Link Status_Set_Sempahore
Date and Time: 2020-02-06T11:50:44.569
XMC User: NetSight Server
XMC User Domain:


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The firts alarm should trigger workflow to go this path:

Consequent alarms should go this path:


What version of workflow do you have? for XMC 8.4 you need to have workflow v10.