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  • 23 September 2020
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The following are all questions and answers from the New Normal Sessions of Connect 2020: 


Q: Question for the 650 Group: Do you see CBRS taking off anytime soon?  Or is it way in the future?
It is starting now and ramping well in the US market.  So not way off in the future.  There will be a lot more news on the topic over the coming months as it ramps.  Thanks for the question.


Q: Q to 650 Group: Are there regional differences in the uptick / adoption of fixed form switches vs chassis based solutions?
Yes, chassis systems are more popular in parts of Asia, China, and certain countries in Europe.  But the overall trend as the campus moves towards multigig is towards Fixed systems, even in those markets.


Q: Since Wifi 6 can talk to multiple users simultaneously, can QoS still be implemented or is QoS not needed?
Good question, it does allow for simultaneous communication of devices, and QoS will then prioritize who gets included in each transmit opportunity. Remember we still have up to hundreds of clients that can be associated at one time


Q: Will we be able to mix legacy devices with newer wifi 6 devices in 1 environment?  Will this become a problem at all?  Thank you.
This won't be an issue... you can mix 6 and 6E devices.  The Wi-Fi 6E radio will be restricted to only Wi-Fi 6 and 6Ghz clients, but the AP itself will also support legacy wifi technology in the 2.4 and 5Ghz bands


Q: When considering new WiFi capabilities for a stadium, what should a team keep in mind? We certainly don't want the WiFi to be obsolete as soon as it's installed.
Be aware Wi-Fi 6 is not it, we have 6E coming, Wi0Fi 6 enhancements and even Wi-Fi 7


Q: is it true that the 410C has a built in radio dedicated to be a WIPS sensor?

A: Yes, that is true. No need for separate, dedicated sensors


Q: Does an older client will be able to use wifi6? Or better, will a legacy client have an advantage from wifi6? So multiple devices can talk at the same time?
Not really, WiFi 6 clients can leverage the simultaneous communication, non-WiFi 6 can't. There will be some overall efficiency depending on the mix of clients the advantage will come as the volume of Wi-Fi 6 clients increase

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