Wi-Fi 6, 5G & CBRS Wireless: Competitors, Co-existence or Collaboration?

  • 15 September 2020
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Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and CBRS each have individual value propositions and advantages unique to their technology and capabilities that cannot be 100% emulated by the other technology. Some proponents of one technology try to use this to denigrate the other technology, often predicting how one wireless solution will displace the other, reality is all these wireless technologies will have roles in the enterprise long after these pundits have moved on to champions other technologies. Disparate wireless will collaborate and coexist to optimize the enterprise network around performance, business value, and optimized user experience. By attending this session you will gain a deeper understanding of how multiple wireless technologies will continue to support the enterprise for years to come.


This session aired on Thursday, September 17th during the following times:

Session 1

  • 11:30-12pm BST

Session 2

  • 2:30-3pm EST

Replay this session on demand here: https://www.extremeconnectvirtual.com/live/ondnn-wifi6

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