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We have one HK customer who interested in Extreme SDN Product. They’re asking how to migrate to SDN from their existing network. Is it possible to run the existing network (L3 routing is OSPF) and SDN concurrently in their existing core (BD8K) and distribution switch (X460)? For example, OSPF routing and SDN Controls run in one box concurrently. If so, how to control the forwarding path in the core and distribution switch.

As I cannot find any reference SDN document mentioning this strategy. Would you pls help? Thanks.

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You can run SDN in a mixed mode by the concept of a Hybrid mode with openflow. You can find more information here.. - Please let me know if you need more information and I will have someone contact you.


Thanks. I need more technical information. Whom I can contact?
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What do you need to know more about? Hybrid mode allows the switch to function normally and allows openflow to install flows and make flow modifications. But you need to know that the Openflow flows take precedence over traditional switching and routing.

Have any technical document to mention about that? As I cannot find it from any Extrme SDN deploy/installation guide. Thanks.
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It's in the user guide under OpenFlow Hybrid Support. I think your looking for Global Hybrid Mode. Look over the guide, and let me know if you have any more questions about it. I'm eager to help people with SDN technologies.


Details on Global Hybrid Mode: