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Connect modules missing on one Extreme Manager Server version

  • 9 June 2017
  • 6 replies

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Hi, I've gor two installation of Extreme Management server both upgraded to the latest version, but on one of them there are all the latest connect modules as show in this scrennshot

but on the second one there are less connect modules and the most of them are not present as shown in this screeenshot:

This second server is the same of the demokit that I've upgraded to version because I want to test the configuration with the DIstributed IPS connect module, but this module is missing after the upgrade.

Why this strange behaviour?


6 replies

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I believe there is different ExtremeConnect (OFC) version installed in those two instances. The Demokit images are usually tuned for some specific demo purposes. If you install the original image of Management Center (NetSight) you will have the same modules.

There are also some config files you can modify to create/delete your ExtremeConnect modules.
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Is there no manner to reinstall on this server only the Connect version 3.02-3?
If I look on the download page for the OF Connect, in the download page there are only the old versions because now this component is already present in the Extreme Management installation.

looks like an issue with the install-upgrade process in EMC. The software is there, just not visible for the UI.

A quick fix could be to take the fusion.xml file from the clean install and copy it to the other system. The file is located (if my memory serves me well...:)) in /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/jboss/server/default/conf/fusion/fusion.xml

Then restart EMC after copying the file.

It is advisable to open a gtac case about this to make sure we find teh reason and fix it if needed in future versions.
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Hi Salvador, I've tried to copy the fusion.xml file from the server that is working to the other server and restart it, but it doesn't work because I continue to see only few modules.
If I look the original fusion.xml file of the server with the problem, it seems ugual to the file of the working server..in both files there are 37 modules and I also see inside this file some of the modules that are not shown in the web browser gui.
I'm not able to open a GTAC ticket because I'm working with a trial license for the tests.
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I've made another test on another server (not the demo kit version), and the modules are already present also in the previous EMC version, and also after the upgrade, so probally the demokit version of the EMC has some customization that has removed some of the connect modules.