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Escape character in RADIUS Shared Secret Wireless Controler

  • 18 June 2014
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a customer of mine just found a bug in the wireless controller software which is not resolved in later versions (from release notes).

The problem occures if the RADIUS shared secred includes a Escape character like "\n" e.g. 546GFgzf_3r-/nswerg?

The system has the following behavoir:
- The wireless controller accepts the RADIUS shared Secret and works normally.
- If the wireless controller is restored orupgraded to a newer version (or maybe even rebooted, i have to figure out this) the shared secret is shorten becasue the Escape chracter is left out. In the upper scenario the shared secret is then: 546GFgzf_3r-swerg?

I will give it a try in my lab with the latest 9 firmware as soon as possible

Best Regards

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