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How to reset 3610,3620 its being used on static network placed at remote location.controller is C-4100 .

Hello Folks,i have one C-4110 controller with version 9,100+ AP 3610,3620 are working successfully. 2 Nos.3620 Access point not working which are placed on remote location,can anyone let me know how to factory reset this AP on remote location please guide.

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You'd ssh to the AP if the IP is reachable.
The problem is that if you use static IP on the AP you'll loose the connection.

If DHCP is available for the APs:
- ssh to the AP
- login, default is admin/new2day
- cset factory

If there is no DHCP connect via console
- login
- cset factory
after that configure the static IP via CLI
- cset dhcp disable
- cset ipaddr x.x.x.x
- cset ipmask x.x.x.x
- cset gateway x.x.x.x
- cset authip 1 x.x.x.x (that is the IP of the controller)
- capply
- csave

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Here is the GTAC Knowledge Article that should answer the question too - http://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/pkb_mobile#article/l:en_US/kA1800000008VmdCAE/s