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NAC Manager automatic add End-System MAC to End-System Group

  • 12 May 2014
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Scenario: The customer want to use only MAC Authentication without Policies or VLAN seperation. The systems should be staged on a specific port. Any device which is pluged there should be learned and added to a End-System Group like "Learned Devices".

Currently this is possible with NAC Notification and NAC Requst Tool. It would be much more easy if and automatic End-System Group Membership could be configured. E.g. based on Location and MAC OUI.

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1 reply

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If you create a MAC end-system group in NAC Manager, you can add a whole MAC OUI. You could then make rules based on that location and end-system group. For more automation you probably need to be looking at OneFabric Connect API, which lets you manage end-system groups from other programs.