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460-48P POE distribution

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How is the POE distributed in the 460 or 440 48p switches. i believe that at regular POE power i should get around 23 ports of poe power, is it a problem if i use the first 23 ports in the switch? or should i break it up by their sections. 8 per section. Just looking to maximize the life of my switch.

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Power Reserve BudgetSummit X460-24p and X460-48p Switches Only
Summit X460-24p and X460-48p switches have two removable internal PSUs, each capable of
delivering 380 W of power.
When two PSUs are present, the total power budget is 760 W and PSU load-sharing is in effect. If one
PSU fails or is removed then the power budget will drop to 380 W and port priority will be used to
determine which ports remain powered up if usage was more than 380 W before the event.

Summit X440-8p Switches OnlyThe Summit X440-8p switches have one internal PSU capable of delivering 170 W of power.

PoE Operator LimitsYou can set the power limit that a PD can draw on the specified ports. For PoE, the range is 3000 to
16800 mW, and the default value is 15400 mW. For PoE+, the range is 3000 to 30000 mW, and the
default value is 30000 mW.
If the measured power for a specified port exceeds the port’s operator limit, the power is withdrawn
from that port and the port moves into a fault state.
If you attempt to set an operator limit outside the accepted range, the system returns an error
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i don't believe that truely answered my questions. my question is more based on should i distribute my poe devices out among the device. I.E. 5 poe devices on ports 1-16 then another 5 on 17-32 and another 5 33-48. or does it not even matter.
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It doesnt matter.460 is capable enough.
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Hi Christopher,
As Parthiban mentioned, the X460 will have no problem providing power to all devices on any port. There is no need to distribute them across the switch.
However, you may prefer to group types of devices together to make port configuration easier (VLANs, etc.).