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BD8810 Core Dump ???

MSM-B system dump information
core_dump_info storage: 8/3072 used [empty]
failure: kernel oops
reason: Unhandled kernel unaligned access
time: Tue Aug 5 01:06:59 2014
where: Unhandled kernel unaligned access:0
$0 : z0=00000000 at=10001f00 v0=3c69704e v1=00000015
$4 : a0=87f7d300 a1=88348ec4 a2=88348d6c a3=00000000
$8 : t0=00000001 t1=88348eb8 t2=03000496 t3=0000000b
$12: t4=3e007045 t5=00000000 t6=88ee44c0 t7=6e747279
$16: s0=87f7d300 s1=88348c00 s2=00000020 s3=88348d60
$20: s4=88348c20 s5=fffffff0 s6=00000040 s7=88eeadc0
$24: t8=00000000 t9=80101470
$28: gp=88d18000 sp=88d19908 s8=00000000 ra=802de200
Hi : 001c4191
Lo : 31d4ee80
epc : 802daaf4 skb_clone_fraglist+0x10/0x38 Tainted: P
Status: 10001f03
Cause : 00808010
88d19908: 87f7dbc0 802db318 00000140 802dd030 87f7d300 00000002 00000000 00000140
88d19928: 8780b170 802dee64 00000001 00000001 889d9500 88eeadc0 8a43a400 87f7dbc0
88d19948: fffff000 c5aba63c 8837ed80 802dd9bc 88eeadc0 802d7e50 8d6f7c00 87f7dbc0
88d19968: fffff000 8a43a400 8a45ebe0 c5ac03b8 890fc2a0 09967fba 8d353480 88ee44c0
88d19988: 00000002 00000000 88d19ab4 88d19aa8 00000000 801063b4 82a1446c 82a15148
88d199a8: 0003001f 82a14408 00000000 801063b4 00000000 80104324 89065eb0 82a14d00
88d199c8: 00000003 82a15130 00000000 801063b4 00000000 10001f00 8859d8e0 00000300
88d199e8: 00000038 8859d8f0 00000000 80104324 00000020 00000034 87dbf840 8d6f4140
88d19a08: 8a45ebe0 8d6f4140 00000000 00000065 00000000 00000000 87f2f400 8a43a400
88d19a28: 8a45ebe0 87f2f400 00000000 00000000 87f7d300 802dd0cc 10001f01 00000001
88d19a48: 87f7d300 87f7d300 887d0800 802dd904 00000117 00000117 87f7d300 887d0800
88d19a68: 8a43a400 803a4ef8 00000000 c5b53318 88d19ac8 87f7d300 8a43a400 802db318
88d19a88: 887d0990 87f7d300 87f7dbc0 8a45ebe0 8066c428 ffffff1f 80464ec4 802e7b68
88d19aa8: 00000000 00001021 00000001 00000000 0003001f 00000000 87f7dbc0 00000001
88d19ac8: 8a43a400 8a45ebe0 8780b170 fffffff0 00000040 88eeadc0 00000000 802e8330
88d19ae8: 00795d17 023ee000 00795d17 88d19b98 1e382b0c 87f7dbc0 8d6f7800 0000001f
log: ... not cleanup, instance: 1
log: <7>Opening app watchdog timer, instance: 1
log: <7>Application watchdog timer is not cleanup, instance: 1

Version #1 SMP Fri Apr 11 11:49:57 EDT 2 by release-manager@biltmore.extrem Release
Call Trace:
@[<802daaf4>] skb_clone_fraglist+0x10/0x38
@[<802de200>] pskb_expand_head+0x150/0x1f8
@[<802dee64>] skb_realloc_headroom+0x54/0x98
@[] expktInsert8021QTag+0xc8/0x20c [nettx]
@[] expkt_hard_start_xmit+0x98/0xed0 [nettx]
@[<802e8330>] dev_queue_xmit+0x578/0x630
@[] uRPFLogging+0x2ec/0x364 [exvlan]
@[] exvlan_dev_hard_start_xmit+0x1dc/0x224 [exvlan]
@[<802e8330>] dev_queue_xmit+0x578/0x630
@[<8031a594>] ip_finish_output+0x378/0x620
@[<8031c4c0>] ip_push_pending_frames+0x278/0x43c
@[<8033ce6c>] udp_push_pending_frames+0x13c/0x3a0
@[<8033e5b0>] udp_sendmsg+0x2bc/0x868
@[<802d39a8>] sock_sendmsg+0xa8/0xc0
@[<802d6254>] sys_sendmsg+0x204/0x264
@[<80112358>] stack_done+0x20/0x40

[<802db318>] __skb_clone+0x28/0x1e0
[<802dd030>] skb_clone+0x34/0xb8
[<802dd9bc>] kfree_skb+0x0/0x4c
[<802d7e50>] sock_wfree+0x84/0x8c
[<801063b4>] do_IRQ+0x18/0x154
[<801063b4>] do_IRQ+0x18/0x154
[<80104324>] ret_from_irq+0x0/0x4
[<801063b4>] do_IRQ+0x18/0x154
[<80104324>] ret_from_irq+0x0/0x4
[<802dd0cc>] skb_release_head_state+0x18/0xa0
[<802dd904>] __kfree_skb+0x1c/0xd4
[<803a4ef8>] packet_rcv+0x64/0x3f4
[] exvlan_dev_hard_start_xmit+0x0/0x224 [exvlan]
[<802db318>] __skb_clone+0x28/0x1e0
[<802e7b68>] dev_hard_start_xmit+0x134/0x384
Build directory: /data2/release-manager/v15_4_1_3-patch1-10/aspen_msm
Kernel Panic.
time: Tue Aug 5 01:07:02 2014
Reason: Fatal exception in interrupt
Caller: 0x8010a5e4 (die+0x124/0x144)
Version #1 SMP Fri Apr 11 11:49:57 EDT 2 by release-manager@biltmore.extrem Release
Build directory: /data2/release-manager/v15_4_1_3-patch1-10/aspen_msm

-> debug hal show version msm B
MSM-B Version Information:
Link date: Fri Apr 11 12:32:53 EDT 2014
Built by: release-manager
Card type: MSM48V3 rev 3
SFC-0: 5675 Rev A1
SFC-1: 5675 Rev A1
SFC-2: 5675 Rev A1
CPU Core: SiByte SB1 V5.0 FPU V0.3
CPU Speed: 700 MHz
CPU Bus Speed: 100 MHz
CPU Memory Size: 1024 MB
Alternate Bootrom Version:
Default Bootrom Version:
Active Bootrom: default
Watchdog ucontroller version: 4
Redrock Version: 12

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Userlevel 4
Hello Jaechul,
Coredumps have to be analysed by TAC.
If it is Kernel oops then it definetly need to go for more analysis to engineering.
i would recommend you to open a case with TAC.
collect "show tech all"
show log messages nvram
upload debug ---for coredump.
show debug system-dump ---will show core dumps if any

As it has happened in 15.4 I would request you to do this so
that Extreme can fix this for more stability.

Parthiban Chinnaya