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Enterasys C5 e C3 stack cable diferences

How can I distinguish if a cable is to stack to Enterasys C3 or C5?

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Vitor, Hopefully you are able to find a part number somewhere with it. If so the following cables are for the C3: C2CAB-SHort C2CAB- LONG C2CAB-2M C2CAB-5M These are for the C5: STK-CAB-SHORT STK-CAB-LONG STK-CAB-2M STK-CAB-5M I hope that helps.
Hi Ben, Unfortunately the cables do not have the part number inscribed on them. That's why I'm looking to know how easily differentiate by looking at them. Thanks.
The plastic jacket around the C5 cable is black. On the C2/C3 it is a translucent blue.
Hi, Thanks, this is a good tip.