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Extreme summit X-460-G2 usable fiber uplinks

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Hi Team,

I am working on IDF based project with more number of uplink ports, so I need to know about usable uplink ports on Extreme X-460-G2-24port core switch.

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Hello Niyas,

you can use every port as uplink and access-Port. There is no function difference.
There are different models of X-460-G2-24 what are you using?

Best regards
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model: Extreme summit X-460-G2-24P core switch.

X-460 model has 4 SFP+,4 sync input and shared fibre ports are available.
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So you have 28 Ports 24 copper + 4 SFP or you can use 20 copper an 8 SFP (because 4 are shared). Plus four ports for 1 or 10G (depending you have a -GE4 or a 10GE4 model.
All can be uplink ports if you need.
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Thank you