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How can I reset summit 300-24 without using the console. No web GUI either.

I am trying to use an extreme networks summit 300-24 for it's POE capabilities in installing IP surveillance cameras. I don't have a way to access the console and this may be the only time I ever use this switch. I need to clear the static IP address it has and turn off the DHCP function as it is conflicting with my modem/router combo. The IP address range the router uses is and the summit switch is assigning it an IP address of and I cannot access the camera or set up port for towing correctly. I guess I want to be able to use this as just a switch and clear it's IP address of I see them in the client list in my router and I can go online with no problems. I just cannot access the GUI in the camera to set ports exact.can someone help???

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Can you telnet or SSH to the switch ip address?