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How do I reset X440 48p back in factory default, having XOS version 15.5.3b4. I forgot the password of the same?

How do I reset X440 48p back in factory default, having XOS version 15.5.3b4. Since I forgot the password? I tried several times as we do traditionally for other Summit Switches. <> but I am not getting this option in ver

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Hi Rajiv,
Please use the info in the following GTAC Knowledgebase Article to attempt to reset your X440 switch to factory default:
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The switch seems to be running the bootrom (v2.0.2.1) where the 'config none' command is removed. Please contact GTAC for assistance.
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As mentioned in the additional notes & link included in the GTAC Knowledgebase Article provided earlier, if the switch ir running BootROM v, the "config none" is not present and you will need to use the steps mentioned in the GTAC Knowledgebase article below to load a rescue image from the BootROM menu:


Here are the additional notes referenced in the article provided earlier:

"In Boot Rom v2.0.2.1, the config none command has been removed for security reasons. It was added back into Boot Rom v2.0.2.3.
If the config none command is not present, the only way to default the switch from the BootROM is by loading a rescue image"
Hi, im traing to reset x440, where can i get the Boot Rom v2.0.2.3? I dont have user and password to Log in into the Extreme Portal. Some body can help me please?