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How to log into the new support portal, can't set password.

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First, I don't learn of this new portal until I've worked twelve hours and try to log into the support portal to find out I can't.

Then, when I try the link to reset my password so I can use the new portal, I get two emails telling me my password is reset. Reset to what?

Clicking on the link sent in the email returns this page:

When I click "Continue", I get sent to this page:

I know what my old password is. It's in my password safe. I try to use it and I get this:

Click on the "Forgot your password?" link and this starts all over again, uselessly.

How do I log in to get access to our support for which we contracted?

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Never mind. As soon as I posted this, I got another two emails telling me my password has been reset. I tried the last one I got first, and it worked this time.
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Hi Jesse,
Sorry to hear of your frustrations with the new portal. There are a number of things we're still working to improve, and login is one of them. Glad to see you were able to get this resolved.
Jesse, Also sorry to hear you had troubles. I will try to get the reset password pages updated to make this a little less painful. I just reset my own password and nothing on screen told me to check my email. If the page had that message about checking your email, would this have been a better experience for you?