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How to move AP ́s from a C25 (HA pair) to a single V2110 seamlessly ?

Hi community,

what´s a good way to move AP´s from a C25 (V8.32) availability pair (C25-1,C25-2) to a single V2110 (V9.21) seamlessly while running both controllers simultaneously but different IP addresses for AP registration ? The HWC search list entry of V2110 controllers IP and Reboot or Release of AP doesn´t work due to default reconnection to last known good controller. Also to shutdown the Auth IP Interface of C25-1 while AP is still connected by backup tunnel to C25-2 was unsuccessfully.

Thank you in advance.

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Adding a static search list entry for the new controller, save, reboot the ap, then delete it from the old controller. Should work fine, I do it all the time.
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Are you able to ping the V2110 controller interface that is used for AP registration from the AP.

If yes you should be able to just change the IP in the controller search list and the AP should connect to the new controller.