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How to setup WM3400 to act as DHCP

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I'm trying to separate my wireless clients IP useage from my wired clients.

Office DHCP server (scope = (x.x.x.1-100 reserved) --------- Wireless Controller (Would like to use scope of x.x.x.200-249)

Is this possible, perhaps a manual? I'm using a WM3400 Wireless Controller, DHCP is on Windows Server 2008 R2.

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Hi Sean,

If the wired and wireless clients are in the same subnet, it will likely be simpler to keep DHCP in one place for that subnet. Because each DHCP server (in this case the Windows server and the WM3400) do not know where the DHCP discovers come from (wired or wireless), they will not be able to hand out addresses to only wired or wireless clients.