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I'm updating our C4110 controllers firmware from v7 to v8 soon, any tips or advice?

Hi all, at some point in the near future we'll be updating the firmware on both our C4110 wireless controllers. I feel relaxed about it, but was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice to share when doing this. Thanks, Colin

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We just went from version 7 to 8.31 on a pair of 5110's and a 4110 and all went quite smoothly. The differences will be where things are with the new version. For example, the A/P configuration area is now "bulk configuration." There are some other nuances, but nothing that will be any road blocks. I wish you luck!
Thanks Rich, that's a reassurance. We've just got over a big issue that caused our users a lot of grief (nothing to do with the Enterasys system I might add), so I'm a bit reticent about rocking the boat.
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Hi Colin. I am going to have one of my wireless guru's jump in as well just to give you any tips he may have. Thanks for posting such a great question.
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Colin, Just like Rich stated it should go smooth. Please take a look at the release notes for the minimum revs you need to be on before you jump up in code. Also make sure you have submitted a request through your Enterasys extranet login for a version 8 license. You will have a 7 day grace period to apply a new v8 license on your controllers. As always, GTAC will gladly assist should any issues pop up in the process. Doug Hyde Sr Support Engineer
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We have used Enterasys wireless for some time now and bought our first C4110 & C20 controllers back in the days of v5!

We now have 11 controllers in all, 500+ AP's and growing steadily. Over the years we have applied many updates and never once had a problem, configs have always transitioned seamlessley to the new version. I think this is impressive, given the large amount of functionality that has been added over the years.
Thanks Mark, this will be my first upgrade and although I've been involved with the system for a year now, I've only been doing the job as my actual job for a month. I'm planning to do the update on Wednesday morning before people start, so will spend today and tomorrow figuring out how its done. Cheers.