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SNMP ISsue with X450 and X670

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i’m desperately trying to manage following switches via SNMPv3 with Extreme Netsight (X450 and X670). The software Version is:

- summitX-

I’m facing the same issue software version

- summitX-

Have anybody already run into the same issue? Any hint?

i also try snmpv2 unsuccessful.

## sh snmpv3 group

Group Name : groupRW
Security Name : V3User
Security Model : USM
Storage Type : NonVolatile
Row Status : Active

Thanks in advance.


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Based on what you have listed, I think the commands to put into the switch would be these:
configure snmpv3 add user V3User auth md5 priv des
configure snmpv3 add group groupRW user V3User sec-model usm
configure snmpv3 add access groupRW sec-model usm sec-level priv read-view defaultAdminView write-view defaultAdminView notify-view defaultNotifyView
enable snmp access snmpv3
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Can you send us the command "show config snmp detail" You can remove any passwords if you have some in clear text.
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You can refer to the GTAC knowledge below in regards to how to setup SNMPv3 on EXOS and there is also a script that will help you delete the existing SNMPv3 configuration and create a new one based on your NetSight profile settings.

The location of the script is included in this article: