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Syslog : What does this mean? Whoe can translate this?

DRIVER[77876992]: hwutils.c(3749) 8943 %% soc_l2x_thread unit = 0: DMA failed too many times

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Hello, In order for me to get this question sent off to the correct group for review, what product is reporting that message? Regards, Doug Hyde Sr Support Engineer Enterasys Networks
Hello Doug, the message comes from an B5G124-48 with firmware ( BootProm 02.01.50 ) Regards Alexandra
And at the same time there were a lot of emergency Alerts from the same switch like SIM[77876992]: broad_hpc_drv.c(2686) 8909 %% _soc_xgs3_mem_dma: L2_ENTRY.ipipe0 failed(NAK), unit 0 SIM[77876992]: broad_hpc_drv.c(2686) 8942 %% soc_l2x_thread: Too many errors SIM[77876992]: hwutils.c(3959) 8902 %% Unit 0 DMA regs:PCIMEM_START(0x04ab9288) SBUS_START(0x06703000) ENTRY_CNT(0x00001000) CFG(0x0003000c) SBUS_ADDR(0x00000000) CMIC_SCHAN_CTRL(0x00000000) CMIC_DMA_STAT(0x00082012) CMIC_IRQ_STAT(0x60000100) rv(0xfffffff5) LINE(2986) SIM[77876992]: hwutils.c(3975) 8904 %% MPC83xx DMA/PCI regs: DMAGSR(0x00000000) PCI_ESR(0x80000040) PCI_EATCR(0x3f10a001) PCI_EACR(0x00000000) PCI_EEACR(0x00000000) PCI_EDCR(0x00000000) SIM[77876992]: hwutils.c(3989) 8905 %% PCI Status for Device 0x14e4:0xb514=0x02a0 SIM[147814784]: hwutils.c(2493) 8945 %% Error(0x6c327800) LOG[1]: 262 %% EDB: Mgr Unit transition, Mgr is now Unit: 2. From the X4 are some messages with spanning tree and portmanager
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Hi, I suggest to upgrade to the latest firmware. If you see the same issue with latest firmware then I suggest to contact GTAC with show support and with current.log file. good luck! Zdenek