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Will third party MGBIC-LC04 work with X460-G2-48t-10GE4-Base switch ?

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Hello, Our customer want to put 100Mb transceivers into sfp+ ports on X460-G2-48t-10GE4-Base switch. Extreme MGBIC-LC04 seems to work. He also bought S/N 10063 100Mb transceivers which doesn't. To avoid additional costs he asks if third party MGBIC-LC04 [or other 100mb MM] will be ok. Could somebody confirm that ?

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It sounds odd that MGBIC-LC04 works.
There was an question about this when x460-G2 was first introduced.

Q. Are 100Mb transceivers supported in the 10Gb ports on the X460-G2?
A. 100Mb transceivers are NOT supported in either the 10Gb front panel ports or the VIM-2x module. 100Mb transceivers are supported in the 24x and 48x 1Gb SFP ports as well as the 1Gb SFP ports on the 24 port switch models.
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Switch part number's 16701, 16702, 16703, 16704, 16705, 16706 with Front Panel switches do not support part number - 10063 100FX SFP

Switch part number 16711 with 10Gb SFP+ VIM do not support part number - 10063 100FX SFP