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 Extreme X450 stacking

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Jax N posted 05-31-2022 02:59

Can i stack X450-G2-48p-G4 (with no licences) + X450-G2-24p-10G4 (2x10Gbit SFP licence) via QSFP?

If yes, do i need some kind of licence for QSFP also? and does the QSFP runs in 10Gbit speeds? (if i would buy 10Gbit QSFP cable)
I would use WAN UPLINK from X450-G2-24p-10G4 one of the licenced SFPs.
Both switch has SummitStack ports in the backside.
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Christopher Thompson Best Answer

Hi Jax,

Below would be the relevant information regarding stacking on those models.  The x450-G2 also has dedicated stacking ports(V84) on the back:

ExtremeSwitching Hardware Installation Guide (extremenetworks.com)

Chris Thompson