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New "Helpful" Button for Topics

  • 19 April 2016
  • 1 reply

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You may have noticed a new option at the top of Articles, Questions, and Problems... a button labeled "Helpful?" This option was added about two weeks ago and I purposely haven't announced it until now to see how much use it would receive. So far, 12 topics of wide age range have received votes as "helpful."

This new community feature doesn't require users to be logged in and is a good way for our causal browsers to provide positive, anonymous feedback.

I'm curious for your opinions and thoughts on the usefulness of this feature since it is something our community platform provider is providing for beta testing.


Note: This topic is a community announcement and doesn't have the button 🙂

1 reply

Userlevel 3
I think it can be very helpful. As people respond to forum posts, it would be nice if the creator of the initial post would mention if the conversation is helpful. It also can make the people responding feel that their efforts are appreciated.