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Northeast Higher Education Users Group

  • 4 April 2016
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This thread is for discussions on topics of interest to the Extreme Northeast Higher Education User Group, but everyone is welcome to participate here. Topics can range from in-person meeting plans, to product and application questions, suggestions, insights, and general information sharing. Welcome!

4 replies

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Welcome Northeast Ed...... we don't bite so don't hesitate to shout out.... This is the best support forum bar none..
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Thanks to all of you who attended the Northeast Higher Education Users Group Meeting. The discussions ranged from SDN to the Extreme product roadmap, using network analytics, and moving to 802.11ac Wave 2. Lots of discussion on how to continue to share information among the group. The decision was made to set up an on-line community as part of The Hub, rather than just create an email list. So that's what this is, a focused category dedicated to the Extreme Higher Education User Group, where higher ed IT folks can openly ask questions and share information with peers and Extreme Networks. It's also the place for planning future in-person meetings.
It was a great User Group meeting last week and I enjoyed meeting everyone! I look forward to supporting the next one...
One of the questions that came out of the Northeast Higher Education User Group Meeting regarding if McAfee 9.8 could be evaluated as security assessment criteria during a system scan.

The result is that McAfee 9.8 is working successfully as one of the criteria for system security assessment scans.

Please let the group know if there are antivirus definitions that Extreme Networks should be considering part of our security assessment scanning capability.