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Change Port Name SNMP String

  • 5 November 2014
  • 7 replies

Hello, I need to change the name of the port SNMP String.

With the command "configure ports 1:3 display-string tester" a string of port really changed, but when I look at the values ​​SNMPWalk return:

IF-MIB :: ifDescr.1003 = STRING: Stack Port 1: 3

What is the command to change this string for example "Stack Port 1: 1" to "tester"

7 replies

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Hi Rodrigo, you can use the command "configure ports 1:3 description-string tester" to change the SNMP string.
Hi Tyler, tks for reply , but the comand "configure ports 1:3 description-string " does not exist.

can be known whether any other ?
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That command was added in EXOS v15.3...
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Since v15.3 we have both Display-String and Description-String:
  • Display-string has a maximum length of 20 characters and does nos accept spaces.
  • Description-string has a maximum length of 255 characters and accepts spaces.
Show port info will display the display-string.

Port Flags Link ELSM Link Num Num Num Jumbo QOS Load
State /OAM UPS STP VLAN Proto Size profile Master
PortDisp> Em------e--fMB----- active - / - 5 0 2 0 9216 none

Show port info detail will display both the display-string and the description-string

Port: 1(PortDisplayString):
Description String: "This Is The Port Description String"
Virtual-router: VR-Default
Type: UTP
Random Early drop: Unsupported
Admin state: Enabled with auto-speed sensing auto-duplex
Link State: Active, 100Mbps, full-duplex
Link Ups: 5 Last: Thu Nov 06 17:17:53 2014
Link Downs: 4 Last: Thu Nov 06 17:17:47 2014

Whatever you write in the MIB variable ifAlias ( will show both in Description String and in Display String (truncated to 20 chars).

If you only set Display-String, it will appear in ifAlias. But if you set Description-String, it will replace the Display-String value in ifAlias. If you then change Display-String, ifAlias won't change, unless you unconfigure Display-String...

Confusing, I know...

I've been playing with NetSight MIB Tool and EXOS v15.6.1.4
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I forgot to mention that ifDescr is READ ONLY. That's why you couldn't change it...

Use ifAlias instead.
checking the Mib really exists ifAlias.

I used the ifAlias in Zabbix graphs and showed the name I needed.

Thanks to all
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checking the Mib really exists ifAlias.

I used the ifAlias in Zabbix graphs and showed the name I needed.

Thanks to all
Can you please tell me how do you change use ifAlias . Currently i am also trying to see Port Description in SNMP sever side. When port up down happen snmp traps send to the server then send to Administrator for alert messages via email. Currently can only see .1013 mean 10 switch 1 port number 13 up down etc. can't see the port description. Appreciate your help! Thanks.