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Conflict of switch IP address configuration

  • 15 September 2014
  • 3 replies

I have two Ethernet switches part of industrial network where they are connected in redundant arrangement so that multiple devices on the network are redundantly connected to both of the switches.

By mistake while replacing one faulty switch of these pair with another one, the new switch has been configured with the same main IP address hence, IP address conflict the outcome of that.

Now, I am in a poisition to fix this issue by changing back the duplicate IP address to unique one.

However, I am afraid to totally loose communication to one of the devices connected to the redundant pair.

Please advice if changing IP address can affect the data flow through switch ports.

3 replies

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Hello Wael

If the switch is routing for that VLAN then it will affect it but it will be affected now anyway. If you are just using it as a way to manage the switch then it will not affect the inband traffic. If this switch uses XOS then I would recommend running the change as a script so that you can unconfigure the IP and add it again even though you will be dropped when you remove it.

If you are doing it serially or using another VLAN to manage then you should be ok.

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I can confirm what Paul said. We just had the same issue here. Changing a pure management IP, i.e. one that is not used for routing etc., does not affect end devices at all.
Thanks alot gents for prompt replies. The issue is resolved now and switch is properly functioning.