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Messages "etmon has not finished loading its configuration, please retry command later"

  • 20 February 2015
  • 4 replies

What's the use ETMON process?
is also porsible restart without having problem with the switch.

Switches stacks with this message Exos version v1534b6-patch1-10

4 replies

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Etmon is process for monitoring the switch.
RMON and other monitoring related process will have impact
but i dont think it will impact network traffic.
I cant restart process ETMON , display dont show the option , only give me de process "ETHOAM"

but not "ETMON"
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Is this a stack?
If yes stack of how many members.
is Ridgeline or any snmp tool polling the switch.
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you should stop polling the switch and see if the process reduces.
because if it is ridgeline it could be because of polling an dupdating device.
No bug here but expected behaviour.