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Need help with security measurements. port security IP snooping, MAC Spoofing.

  • 26 August 2014
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Hi everyone,

We're getting ready to start the new school year and I've advised to lock down the network as much as I can and with that said I'm trying my best to my cisco knowledge onto these extreme network switches.

1. I tried enabling port security measurements on our PoE used for voip but it will only accept the "Limit-learning 1" command so that the phones do not daisy chain. Now I was wondering if the extreme had the capability of a Cisco "MAC-Address sticky" command so that it saves the MAC on its FDB list and queries it and users will be allowed to move there phones if needed so that the Switch would verify it with its FDB list and allow it to get DHCP.

2. IP Snooping - is it a good idea or do I have any concerns if I configure IGMP snooping on all ports where our Data users will be connected to except uplinks to other switches

3. How can I prevent MAC spoofing?

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