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netlogin: upm profile for checking windows services

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jun 4 2012 1:46PM


I´am using netlogin (dot1.x and mac-based) configuration on my switches. For the authentication against radius i use windows server 2008 r2 (nps). Although i work with prim an sec radius server i must check the availability of these servers because of the order of my boss. If both radius servers are not working, the switch config must disable the netlogin configuration automatically. So i decide to create an upm profile an an upm timer in order to check the life of both radius servers by pinging them priodical. It is working. If the radius server are not reachable the upm profile disables the netlogin configuration. When one radius server is alive again, the netlogin conf is enabled automatically again. To this i check the nps service with a tool called prtg. This is working too. But this is not enough....

Now I want to check the services of the server instead of pinging them. Is there any possibility to check the nps service of a windows server 2008 r2 by an upm profile? Any idea? Thanks in advance.


(from matthias_mager)

2 replies

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Create Date: Jun 5 2012 8:14AM


Why go through all of this work when there is the service-unavailable feature built into XOS? Simple command to move ports into a VLAN in the event the radius servers become unreachable.

(from john_padilla)
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Create Date: Jun 5 2012 1:08PM

I thought about this possibility - using ther service-unavailable feature - too, but I have rejected it. In our LAN we use VoIP and so one Switchport belongs to two VLAN´s (e.g. port 1: vlan data untagged and vlan voice tagged). If I would use the service-unavailable feature, I can select only one VLAN - data or voice and the ip-phones use the data vlan for authentication. But I need two working vlans, if the radius server is not running. Maybe I have an error in reasoning? I use EXOS image version patch 1-10.


(from matthias_mager)